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Above: Promo video filmed by Abdou Azzar

Below: Research into environmental perception conducted as part of MFA Scenography at HKU, Utrecht


My artistic research delves into how I can create experiences which allow people to realise their inter-connectedness with their environment. How can the spatial and temporal elements of an immersive experience encourage a surrender of the senses; a surrender to the space, to join body and environment in dialogue? 

'As humans we don’t only shape the world to the point of it being unrecognisable, but we are shaped by the world, and we share in this ongoing transformation.


Scenographic experiences can provide spectators with the opportunity to experience this permeable membrane between human and nonhuman, this fluidity of themselves within space.' 

'I feel urgently that at this present time of ecological catastrophe it is more important than ever to come into touch with our senses and feel how they connect us to a wider ecological network.

Becoming aware of the act of sensing can radically alter how we as humans engage with the world.'

'Through my proposition of scenography for ecological spectatorship a spectator can experience the surrender of their human boundaries


These experiences become vitally important in making spectators aware of how their physiology as a human connects them to their environment. These are moments of re-enchantment between human and nonhuman on an intimate level.'

An article about my artistic research was published in April Journal...

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