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Outside Within

‘Outside Within’ is a result of my ongoing research into scenography for ecological spectatorship, conducted as part of my Masters in Scenography at HKU, Utrecht. I have developed the term Ecological Spectatorship, which I define as a call for the spectator to transcend the boundaries of their humanness in order to join with a performance in its becoming. At this current time of ecological crisis it is critical to leave our position as spectators of the anthropocene and become aware of our entanglement within our environment. Through our senses we come into direct contact with outside experiences and experience the great depths of the unknown within ourselves. My artistic research has been moving past the hegemony of vision towards engaging the full realm of our human senses, to awaken us to non-human perspectives which are outside of our human control. Here this research takes form in an immersive one-person experience; a sensory choreography composed of scent, tactility, sound and light. The varying rhythms of these sensuous elements combine in a way to invite the participant to surrender their senses, and in doing so to discover the interrelation of outer and inner worlds.

"Accessing visuals I didn’t know I could imagine. The music is entrancing."

Makersdag, Het Huis Utrecht February 2019

Performative Symposium for Ecological Spectatorship, Het Huis, October 2018

Audience feedback:

"Made my consciousness surrender to its most primitive state.”


"On the border between reality and perception"

“By the end I was completely surrendered to the space.”


“World within and outside explored via the senses”


“Listen with your body instead of your head”


“Total release” 


“‘I’ am not present” 

HKU Make Space Exhibition, July 2018

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