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Rhian Morris is a scenographer creating sensory choreographies and immersive environments. Her practice reflects on the urgency present at this time of ecological catastrophe, by highlighting our human senses as connection to a wider ecology; ultimately to the shared sentience of space. Her scenographic experiences aim to entangle our inner and outer worlds until there is no separation; the environment becomes a reflection of the inner self. Her scenographic experiences have recently been exhibited as part of Prague Quadrennial for Stage Design, Grasnapolsky Festival and at Het Huis (NL). Her work is currently supported by Het Makersfonds.


Rhian is also a co-founder of Gaia’s Machine, a performance collective researching and developing collaborative methodologies to work and think through ecological issues. Their research projects include Still Moving (2018, Amsterdam Fringe Festival), the Performative Symposium for Ecological Spectatorship (2018, Het Huis Utrecht), Sensing Stone (2019, KAMEN residency) and Into Territories Unknown: a polyphonic publication (2020, HKU Professorship Performative Processes). The collective strives to enact and enable dialogue, looking for non-hierarchical ways of (con)fusing science-art, human-nonhuman and theory-practice. 

Rhian holds a MFA in Scenography from Utrecht University of the Arts and a BA in Theatre Design from Nottingham Trent University, where she was also awarded the Birmingham Opera Prize for Stage Design. 

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