Rhian recently graduated from MA Scenography at HKU, Utrecht. Rhian is a member of theatre collective Gaia's Machine, who make performances at the intersection of the human body, nature and technology. 

Previously Rhian graduated with First Class Honours in Theatre Design from Nottingham Trent University, where she was also awarded the Birmingham Opera Prize for Stage Design. 

Rhian currently lives and works in the Netherlands.

'In my practice I create intimate sensory experiences which call for a surrender of our human senses to the space. In these experiences I aim to create glimpses of sensual awakening, allowing a participant to experience the transcendence of their individual limits towards moving in synchrony with space itself. I feel urgently that at this present time of ecological catastrophe it is more important than ever to come into touch with our senses and feel how they connect us to a wider ecology; ultimately to the shared sentience of space. Experiencing our senses in this way can awaken our sense of compassion for and belonging to the earth that is our home.'

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