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you are my lifeline, in this lifetime

Impakt Festival 2020

A collaborative manifesto writing workshop

A festival creates a temporary space to form and share opinions. How can this space emerge in a setting of social distancing? Performance art collective Gaia’s Machine focuses on collective thinking and decision-making. During the COVID-19-lockdown they developed a collaborative writing practice to stay in touch and keep on creating together. For the IMPAKT Festival, Gaia’s Machine invites the audience to think collectively about what it means to live together in a climate crisis. Through simultaneous input and feedback, all participants are heard in an anonymous virtual space and contribute to a collaborative climate manifesto.

The manifesto was kicked-off in an introductory workshop on 29 October and is now open to all as the subreddit r/EcologicalManifesto on (sign-in required to comment and vote). 

Welcome to this temporary community of manifesto writers! Here you can find our collaborative manifesto, initiated by collective Gaia’s Machine and since in ongoing creation with different participants. You are invited to think, read, and write along in this text that strives to write up a set of beliefs for a healthy future on this earth. We don’t need to agree in this manifesto, we aim it to be polyphonic: it is a place for playing out our connections and our disconnections. Have fun! You can visit the manifesto just by clicking the link, but to comment and participate, you may need to sign up to reddit.

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