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'Salty Water & Us'

Director Filiz Ozcan, Purbanat CIC (March 2015)

The Drum, Birmingham; Bradie Centre, London; Grange Theatre, Manchester

Set and costume design

A new play written by Murad Khan focusing on the history of Bangladeshi Lascar sailors in 17th century juxtaposed with second generation Bangladeshi immigrants in England today. To me the play questioned ideas of home; what that meant to travelling sailors and what that means to people today not knowing their heritage. I chose to represent this through a series of shipping containers; one for each cast member. These boxes were used to create different settings, and also used physically in the action, representing work onboard a ship. The boxes had to be light enough to carry, but sturdy enough to stand on; and the entire set had to be transported in a small van. The sail backdrop was used for shadow puppetry. All costumes were sourced, altered and dyed so the actors became their environment. 

shadow puppetry

shadow puppetry

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