Director: Amanda Root, Two Shillings and Sixpence 

Tabard Theatre, London (May 2015)

Set design and construction

I was hired a week before production to help bring together the company's vision for Simons Stephens 'Bluebird'. The director was absent so I had to work with 12 actors to represent the play in the way in which they wanted: a stark, minimal world which allowed their acting to shine. I chose to represent Jimmy's (the main character's) view of London as a taxi driver who has run away from home. I alluded to this through childlike chalk drawings of places his passengers mention to him throughout the evening. This is Jimmy's London, a hotchpotch of places with stories and meanings attached. I chose to represent the night setting through a monotone scheme. The car seats I sourced from a local garge in Acton. 

‘The uncomplicated chalk drawings and signage do not only display a map of London, but also reflect Jimmy’s clear and repetitive nightly cycle.



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