'Life's a Swindle'

Director Ainslie Masterton, East 15 Acting School (December 2014)

Set and costume design

A comment on the Weimar era and the delapidation of society. Set in an abandoned department store, the 15 misfits came together in a musical cabaret celebrating all that is wrong with society. The performance started as a walk through experience, with the audience led in a maze-like fashion around the building, and through the stage door by candlelight. The audience were either seated on cushions or around tables, reminiscent of the German club format. The design concerned itself with the moral degradation of the people of Germany, the broken dirty mirror reflecting and distorting the character's and showing them as they truly were. The space had to be kept relatively clear to allow for group numbers, and the cast dressed to allow for movement. This project was completed within 2 weeks to a limited budget. 

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